Penny Bayley Celebrant

Your ceremony, uniquely personal, elegant and romantic. Lets make some memories

Hello I’m Penny,

Whether you are planning to celebrate your wedding day or renewing your vows, between us we can make some magical memories and have fun doing it!

Your ceremony is one of the most important elements of your wedding day. Lets create an amazing unforgettable and unique ceremony that is all you.

It is the main event, a personalised reflection of you both, it has heart and soul and will be delivered with love and warmth and a touch of fun and humour

And if you are renewing your vows, lets draw out all of those wonderful memories and share your amazing story with your friends and family in a beautiful ceremony.



Why choose me...

I will go above and beyond for you, its your ceremony and we do it your way.

Need some ideas? I've got lots to share.

Need some inspiration? Lets chat through different options.

Want to include some close friends or family or even your pet? We can do that.

Need someone to listen and pick up on those little details that can mean so much? Then lets create some magical memories and leave your guests feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

I am passionate about my role, I just love every element. From our first chats to get to know each other, then pulling together your unique love story, to delivering your ceremony filled with heartfelt meaning and a touch of magic for you and your family.

"Penny is unbelievably easy to talk to and open to any suggestions" 

"She has been so brilliant and inspirational with the ideas and working with us to design a ceremony which is exactly what we were after"


Lets do it together


Every ceremony is different

It should be individually crafted and written from scratch to match your personal history and your journey to each other.

Your story is my inspiration, and you choose what makes it personal to you.

I will listen to your ideas, your hopes and dreams for the future and make sure I translate it into a ceremony you will treasure that’s filled with happy memories.

Lets create an amazing ceremony just for you.


Your story is yours. Its unique and together we can reflect that with elegance and romance.

Renewal of Vows

Lets celebrate your togetherness, a lovely way to reaffirm the promises you made on your wedding day.

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