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What is a wedding celebrant?

Someone who will officiate your ceremony, whether that’s a wedding or a renewal of vows or a naming ceremony.
The celebrant will create your ceremony script, make sure you are happy with the content, including any symbolic elements, readings or the inclusion of family and friends.
The celebrant will be there to support you on the day & ensure that the ceremony runs smoothly.

Where can the ceremony take place?

And this is the beauty of choosing a celebrant ceremony; you can hold your celebration just about anywhere you want. Such as a country house, a wood, a hotel, a back garden, even a beach.

Can a celebrant legally marry us?

No, you will still need to attend to the legals via a registrar either before or after your celebration ceremony. Think of it as completing the paperwork, in the same way you would register a birth or a death. Most registrars have what they call a 2 + 2 option. That's you both and a couple of witnesses, usually for a cost of around £50. Then with the legal paperwork out of the way treat yourselves to a nice lunch somewhere...

Why choose a celebrant?

When you marry at a register office, the registrar will conduct your legal civil ceremony. There may be restrictions both to the venue and the content of the service. You are unlikely to be able to have your own decorations and may be restricted by your music choices too. You may not be allowed to share personalised vows, there may be restrictions to performing the ceremony outside. The registrar is likely to be constrained by time as they may have more than one wedding to attend to on the day.
By choosing a celebrant ceremony, you have so much more creative freedom and personal choice, your ceremony is created with only you in mind.

How much does it cost?

My fees are £300 for naming ceremonies and £450 for weddings / vow renewals, and if its helpful, we can look at flexible payment options.

Lets create an amazing ceremony just for you.